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Company: Newsela (backed by Kleiner Perkins) Newsela’s mission is to improve global literacy by providing engaging and accessible content to students and educators in K-12.


Chief Marketing Officer Chief Customer Success Officer SVP of Sales
VP of Design VP Product Management VP Product Marketing
VP Diversity Equity & Inclusion Dir Product Management Dir Tech Product Management

A-List’s Distinctive Approach and Impact:  A-List stepped in to rescue Newsela’s Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) search from a prior firm that was struggling to yield suitable candidates.  A-List swiftly turned the tide by identifying and securing an exceptional CMO who brought transformative change to the organization.

A-List’s initial success in placing a Chief Marketing Officer for Newsela was just the beginning. Their deep understanding of Newsela’s mission and strategic needs led to the placement of multiple key executives in roles ranging from customer success and sales to design, product management, and technology.




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