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Founded over 60 years ago, ICA advises more than 400 Clients in a wide spectrum of industries that collectively spend billions of dollars for risk management products annually. ICA’s experience and industry reputation is unrivaled. ICA creates a best in class working environment and culture that inspires creativity and excellence.

Since 1956, ICA has grown from a small boutique insurance consulting firm to an independent and objective national risk management consulting firm comprised of a multi-talented, diverse collection of professionals, numbering almost fifty strong. Barron S. Wall, Managing Associate, and the current Associates have worked together for many years to grow ICA into the successful 3 generational independent service firm it is today. ICA is currently rated as one of the top risk management firms in North America, and with its nine Associates in five different offices, ICA serves a multitude of clientele both nationally and internationally.

ICA is engaged by its clients as their off-premises risk management department, or as outside advisors to those clients that have a full time department in-house.  ICA is hired by and works only for its client, the insured party (policyholder).  ICA does not accept any commissions from brokers, agents or insurance companies, or participate in premium savings.  ICA is compensated by clients on a monthly flat fee, time and expense or project basis. In this regard, any savings ICA achieves for its clients are kept solely by their clients.  Furthermore, ICA does not accept any engagements from the insurance community.  Therefore, they are never faced with any conflicts of interest when it comes to negotiating on their clients’ behalf to reduce rates and tailor the program, which best fits their clients’ risk appetite and management philosophy.


Mahwah, NJ


Director of Business Development


Plans, directs, manages and coordinates all business development initiatives of the professional service organization, in performing the following specific Duties and Responsibilities.  Position reports directly to the Managing Associate of the firm, with ultimate accountability to the Executive Committee.



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