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Company Overview

Sanguina was founded to empower people to learn more about their health, through accessible science and technology. We create simple tools for tracking wellness and illness parameters, treating them as new vital signs for diagnostic, screening, monitoring, and management applications. We are transparent and let our science do the talking and routinely publish our findings and clinical assessments in high impact peer-reviewed journals. We are disease agnostic, but our first opportunity is with our AnemoCheck platform for anemia management. Other exciting wellness and diagnostic products are in research and development.

Sanguina is a small company with an immensely talented, multidisciplinary team playing to win in a part of the rapidly evolving health and wellness space. We are looking for a passionate and data-driven candidate to join us and help launch and scale Sanguina’s products in the marketplace, all while positioning the company as a trusted brand. This is an opportunity to join early and grow as the company grows, all while helping to define a new category in the healthcare industry.

Position Overview

Sanguina is searching for a smart, passionate, and entrepreneurially minded Director of Marketing who will lead the company’s efforts to commercialize the company’s products across a variety of channels. The Director will be responsible for developing and executing online and retail marketing strategies; plans to create product awareness; drive product sales; and build a loyal customer base. The candidate will be expected to build metrics to measure the effectiveness and ROI of marketing campaigns. Success will require creativity, dynamism, teamwork, strong communication, and an entrepreneurial flair necessary to grow sales and demand from the ground up. The position reports to the CFO but will work closely with the CEO and others on the Sanguina team to create and execute plans.

Scope of Responsibilities

Experience Base

Required Skills & Characteristics


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