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EverC is a pioneer in technologies that illuminate the darkest corners of the internet and enable data-driven decision-making within organizations. EverC uses artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to assess hundreds of millions of domains and effectively categorize the internet. These insights shine a light on hidden relationships and risks, identify an entity’s full digital fingerprint, and reveal new opportunities to scale businesses efficiently and confidently.

About the role

EverC is seeking a Global Vice President of Sales who can lead and nurture relationships with clients, expand EverC’s footprint on the market and enhance the continued value of our products and services. Our clients include some of the most prestigious financial institutions and prominent marketplaces in the world which include American Express, Mastercard and Amazon.

The role of the Vice President is to identify and nurture leads, grow our global sales team, design sales methodology, and build a structure of sales goals from the ground up.  This position reports to the CEO.



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