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Program Manager

Program Manager has day to day responsibility in coordinating software development, rollout and long term evolutionary activity for all systems including the Tablet Based Anesthesiology Record Development Project (“TBAR DP”) outlined below.  The Program Manager must have excellent organization, oral / written communication skills and have been involved with the full lifecycle development of major systems and their related project management.

While the Program Manager will be responsible for all development projects, the initial focus of this position will be the TBAR DP. Specifically, the Program Manager will be responsible for the following aspects of the TBAR DP:

Across all phases of TBAR development, the Program Manager will:

The specific tasks of the Program Manager will vary by phase.


The Program Manager (PM) will participate in the discovery sessions:

During discovery, the PM will gain an understanding of the system and start to develop an outline for testing. 


The Program Manager will participate in the design sessions:

During the design phase, the PM will expand on the testing outline and develop a list of NAPA tasks for future phases 


During development, the Program Manager will

This phase will require the focused attention of the Program Manager


During deployment, the Program Manager will

The Program Manager will measure and report on the adoption of the system.

Reporting Line
Chief Information Officer

Direct Reports
To be determined.

Key Interfaces – Internal
Executive Team, Clinicians, Steering Committee, Hospital Administrators

Key Interfaces – External
Technology and Application Support Vendors

Formal Education & Certification

Knowledge & Experience

Personal Attributes

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