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Chief of Staff


  • Reporting directly to the CEO, the Chief of Staff will ensure that the organization as a whole, and each individual, is focused, effective and fulfilled–thereby establishing the infrastructure (people & processes) necessary to support the Company’s long-term goals.


  • 3-7 years of strategy and operations experience at a leading E-Commerce or B2C Consumer Internet platform or management consulting experience in the same vertical.


  • Company, team, and individual priorities are clear and aligned. All team members can clearly articulate key components of the company’s strategy.
  • Strategic goals have clear execution plans. Company resources are focused to maximize impact.
  • Progress towards goals is transparent and discussed regularly. Obstacles to progress are quickly uncovered and addressed. Clear KPIs and reporting are established and transparent.
  • All team members are fulfilled personally and professionally. Talent is leveraged cross-functionally and development and growth opportunities are prioritized.
  • Communication rhythm is well established and information moves through the organization quickly and accurately.
  • The executive team is highly effective–unburdened by daily operating responsibilities and focused on medium/long term goals and developing ‘junior’ leaders within the company.
  • Every facet of the organization has a person assigned with accountability that goals are met.
  • Ongoing employee input is collected and utilized to identify opportunities and obstacles.
  • Core values and purpose are ‘alive’ in the organization. More than words on a page, they are internalized throughout the organization and key decisions and recognition are tied to these values and purpose.
  • Decision making processes are well informed, transparent and timely.
  • “Functional Operations” teams are performing at the highest caliber.


  • Partner with the executive team, team leads and individuals to create and track clear KPIs and goals for individuals, teams and the company as a whole.
  • Improve executive team prioritization by taking the constant stream of ideas and priorities and forming coherent narratives that drive decision making.
  • Create roadmaps for achieving long term goals and key initiatives and ensure alignment and buy-in across the company.
  • Collect and clearly present all relevant input and data necessary to make decisions. Advise on downstream and cross functional impacts.
  • Ensure the CEO’s vision is well articulated internally by developing compelling presentations and written material — and being available to discuss with individuals and teams when the CEO is not available to do so.

Business Operations

  • Create agendas, identify and communicate meeting next-steps, hold executive team accountable to decisions, follow-ups and tasks.
  • Establish and facilitate meeting cadence and communication processes to ensure effective flow of information and decisions.
  • Lead projects to streamline and improve cross-functional processes.
  • Implement processes to collect and communicate ideas and feedback from across the company.
  • Identify and address resource and prioritization conflicts between teams.
  • Act as a project manager for the CEO for cross functional initiatives that don’t have a clear single owner.
  • Have a 360-degree view of the organization and strong relationships to be able to help drive cross-functional initiatives and organizational change forward.


  • Work with individuals and teams to build career development/pathing frameworks.
  • Create opportunities for cross functional work/exposure to provide professional development while addressing real business needs.
  • Facilitate learning opportunities, management training, etc.
  • Implement best practices for hiring and onboarding.
  • Work with team leads and CFO to map out hiring/resource plans and budgets.
  • Implement processes for providing 360 feedback as part of performance reviews — help build a “feedback culture” where learning and improvement are prized.
  • Implement processes to ensure great work is recognized and team members feel a sense of ownership for their work.
  • Implement and analyze team surveys to identify areas for cultural improvement.
  • Identify and propose solutions for organizational sticking points. Be proactive in anticipating organizational problems before they come up.
  • Monitor and evolve organizational design to maximize focus/accountability, effectiveness and personal/professional fulfillment.
  • Provide direct coaching and other formal training to help develop leadership and management competencies throughout the organization (with specific focus on ‘middle’ management tier).
  • Identify under-utilized talent and resources across the company and work with team leads to resolve.
  • Be our Listener-in-Chief; an empathetic and solution oriented ear for our whole team.