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Head of People « WeWork

Head of People

WeWork is the leading provider of flexible, collaborative workspace with locations in New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston, DC, and Seattle. Established in 2010, WeWork is revolutionizing the traditional workplace by creating collaborative environments where creative businesses and individuals can flourish.

The company has substantial financial backing and is entering a new expansion phase, with the dual objectives of expanding its physical platform (to include locations in Chicago and London among others), and developing a proprietary virtual platform — including social network, mobile application, and integrated software — to connect members everywhere.

The company is growing rapidly and is looking for talented individuals who share our passion for changing the way the world works. Please visit for more information.

Job Description and Qualifications

The Head of People will be responsible for launching and building a formal Human Resources Department at WeWork. He or she will be responsible for all human resource related functions including culture development, recruiting, compensation and benefits, performance measurement, team building (leveraging Summer Camp and WeSki Weekend in Vermont) and other projects determined by the skills and interests of candidate.