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We are currently seeking a Full Lifecycle Recruiter to join our boutique executive search firm. This role has tremendous growth potential. We are looking for a detail-oriented Full Lifecycle Recruiter who has passion for excellence and can work EST hours.


Sourcing and Screening
• Analyze role requirements and identify appropriate search parameters such as Boolean strings/keywords, target companies and other search filters that may apply.
• Adjust sourcing strategy based on client requirements.
• Present qualified candidates for review as well as conduct initial screen interviews.
• Review incoming applications from position postings.

Candidate Scheduling
• Coordinate candidates’ phone, Zoom or in-person interview availability with hiring managers.
• Send calendar invites and share all necessary details to candidates and hiring managers, ie, contact information, job description, etc.
• Effectively manage any rescheduling or cancellations that may arise.
• Ensure that candidates are scheduled for prep calls prior their interview schedule if needed.

• Create search status reports.
• Maintain candidate pipeline spreadsheets.

• Conduct quick research on suitable company targets based on client’s requirements as necessary.
• Gather information on prospective or existing clients.

• Conduct reference checks on potential hires.
• Update job postings and internal documents as necessary.


• At least 3 years of experience with recruitment staffing firms
• Excellent verbal and written English communication skills
• Proficient in LinkedIn Recruiter
• Proficient in Outlook, Google Docs, Google Sheets and ATS
• Familiarity with passive sourcing techniques is a huge plus but not required

About A-List:

A-List Search is a boutique retained search firm with unparalleled expertise in the digital universe. Immersed in start-up culture, we’re building transformational teams for some of today’s most disruptive companies. Our comprehensive network and thorough research process, coupled with our boutique size, allow us to deliver quality attention to our clients while ensuring effective and timely results. We are true thought partners when it comes to finding the right talent to positively impact your organization’s growth, development and ultimate success.

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