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At The Barbarian Group, creative directors make sure our work is up to Barbarian standards of awesomeness.

Reporting into the Executive Director of Product and Interaction Design this is a very senior role. As Creative Director of IxD, you will lead a team of incredible interaction designers at one of the most disruptive agencies. Prior experience doing the same is required. You must be a leader in the field and with your experience, raise our standard to the next level.

On any given day, that might mean guiding a creative team through the concepting process, providing design direction and feedback, crafting presentations, presenting work internally and externally, maintaining a relationship with clients, and working with other departments to advocate and create a space where great work can happen.

They have the uncanny ability to see opportunity where others donʼt, then bring the rest of the agency along for the ride. They are also hands on practitioners, diving in and contributing ideas, and executing in their craft. To do this, they need to have a solid grasp on everything a modern digital agency might produce—from marketing and advertising, to application and platform development, video production, social media, etc. And they know how to package and sell a great idea.

The Creative Director will work with the Executive Director of Product and Interaction Design to shape the Interaction Design discipline, manage the team, and be the voice of TBG IxDboth internally and externally.


Company Description

The Barbarian Group is a digitally-centered creative agency. We believe that digital has become the most important channel in people’s lives and the central driver of our culture. That’s why we’ve created an agency that can conceive and make everything brands need in a digital world. We are a full-service partner to our clients, providing everything from brand planning to creative to development.


Strategy, research, analytics; Content strategy and creation, Creative ideation, visual design, Interaction design, Copywriting, Application and product development, Earned and Social media


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