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Our developers are responsible for quickly delivering technology to demanding customers. We’re looking for talented DevOps Engineers and SREs to help them get there.
Our mission is to make our diverse community of over 4,000 talented developers as productive, happy and motivated as possible. From build integration through coding best practices to deployment automation, we’re constantly searching for new and better ways to make developers’ jobs easier. We are responsible for many developer services, and we want all those services to be resilient, efficient, and scalable; where they’re not, we want to make them better.
With a huge range of different projects and technologies, meeting the needs of our developers is a challenge full of opportunities to make your mark.

You’ll need to have:

  •  A passion for automation: You want to take manual processes and replace them with automated ones wherever you find them. You understand what makes a service scalable, resilient, performant, and efficient. And you understand both how to define an SLA, and how to gather metrics to ensure that the services you build meet theirs.
  •  3+ years of coding experience: We do a lot in Perl and Python, but we dabble in many technologies. Gcc, Clang, Javascript, Shell, Make, Chef, dpkg, git, OpenStack and Docker are all part of our portfolio. Whatever your expertise, you know how to craft well-written, testable software and services.
  •  Willingness to get hands-on: We have a large environment and many technologies supporting many tools and services. You’re willing to deal with developer escalations, diagnose problems, and triage issues whenever they occur, and you’re able to switch context when the situation demands it.
  •  Healthy exposure to UNIX fundamentals and network administration: You understand how to troubleshoot system software and performance problems, and can dive into the details to figure out how something works.

We’d love to see:

  •  Tech diversity: Experience with a range of interesting technologies you can talk passionately about, and an urge to tinker.
  •  An instinct for design: You don’t just want to build cool tools and stand up neat services, you want to build them right and you know how to make them scale. And you can explain your designs, too.
  •  Clarity of thought: You have the ability to communicate clearly and in technical depth, both verbally and in writing, and an enthusiasm for improving and simplifying documentation.
  •  OS diversity: You have familiarity with not just Linux but the wider world of UNIX variants, particularly AIX and Solaris. You know your BSD from your SysV and you have an opinion on systemd.
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