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What’s in it for you:

As a Senior Engineer, you’ll work with modern open-source web technologies (NodeJS, ReactJS, NextJS etc.), public cloud infrastructure, CDN, kubernetes, & networking technologies for running the platform. We’ll depend on you to advise on the system design, architecture, and scalability of the applications that play a critical role in serving news to the users.

We’ll trust you to:

  • Collaborate within an Agile, multi-disciplinary, fast-moving team
  • Take ownership of technical solutions, development, and delivery to production
  • Develop in all levels of a web application stack, from the client to server-side
  • Explore and evaluate the value of new and emerging web technologiesYou’ll need to have:
  • A strong understanding of Computer Science fundamentals and an understanding of asynchronous design patterns
  • Expertise in modern web frontend technologies (e.g. NodeJS, ReactJS, VueJS, HTML, CSS, JS, Typescript)
  • Proficiency in HTML, JavaScript (ES5/ES6), CSS, HTTP protocol, REST API design, cookies, caching, security, web accessibility standards
  • Knowledge of browser internals such as rendering engines, parsing and DOM tree construction, layout,painting, and optimizing techniques
  • Experience working on high availability, fault-tolerant distributed systems
  • Fluency in test-driven development, code reviews, distributed source code management, and automated quality assurance
  • BA, BS, MS, Ph.D. in Computer Science, Engineering or related technology field

We’d love to see:

  • An interest in understanding user behavior using A/B tests and analytics and how that drives product design and decisions
  • Experience with web performance challenges delivering content to a global audience (progressive enhancement, performance budgets, SpeedIndex optimization, CDNs)
  • A passion for standardization, style guides and process efficiency, and bias for action
  • Experience defining and developing highly available distributed systems
  • Contributions to any open source web projects or JS libraries
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