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Tabbed as the “Future of the Streaming Industry” by Billboard, Stationhead is a breakthrough technology, in partnership with Apple Music and Spotify, that allows anyone to have a radio station from their phone anywhere in the world. We are the only service that allows users to customize their own stations that run 24/7, talk live ON air at any time, call on friends around the globe, and control the music. The key value drive for the industry is that every listener within a station counts as an individual stream on Spotify or Apple Music. We have established unique partnerships with major companies across the music and entertainment industries that will ensure we shake the world when we launch in March. We reignited the experience around music and built a social network on top of where the music industry makes its money – streaming.  


Job Description

Reporting to the Executive Team and based in Williamsburg, Brooklyn the Lead UX Designer will play an instrumental role in designing Stationhead’s mobile platform and user experience. Compensation will be competitive and commensurate with experience.

Most importantly we will be looking at your portfolio and we want to see

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Working at Stationhead

The culture and ethos of Stationhead was born out of two childhood friends (Ryan and Jace’s lockers were next to each other in Junior High). This long-standing friendship has inspired a closeness and comfort within the company.  Music is our lifeblood and we often compare our story to a rock and roll band. (Ryan and Dan, our lead developer, actually played together in a band on the road for 8 years). Passion, innovation, collaboration, and hustle are our team ethos.  We are building something for a generation that will be connected in ways they have never been, and that pushes us every day.

Everyone deserves a voice, and Stationhead’s mission is to ensure that happens. We are taking the AIR back and turning the world ON. We hold tight to that vision every day and support each other on and off the field like a family does.

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