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The VP of Design will shape the way our client thinks about the design of its products and lead the company’s platform design into the future. Reporting to the Chief Product Officer, you’ll set the overall product vision strategy, as well as have an acute ability to articulate that strategy in a way that galvanizes stakeholders and motivates team members. The VP of Design will lead the user research, visual design and UX teams as well as work closely with cross functional stakeholders to elevate engagement growth and increase consumption. You’ll also be responsible for building a suite of product design metrics, with cross-functional alignment, that helps drive predictive business outcomes.


In this role, you have the ability to up end and shape the future of learning. You’ll have the ability to build a product that can be both digital only but also be interacted within the space of a classroom. This is an expanded scope beyond traditional Saas which will enable you to shape what future classroom experience will look like.

You’ll have the opportunity to pave the future of the company’s product design as it evolves its offerings to better meet the needs of our +25 million registered users. The product design evolution you will create will directly empower educators across the U.S. to better use their products to enhance student learning. The phenomenal design direction and execution your team provides will inspire educators to become company advocates who champion the positive impact the platform can have on improving education.


A true product design fanatic, you have successfully leveraged best practices and performance based strategies in product design to develop world class products that increase content consumption and engagement growth.

You are an innovative visionary and thought leader who is both strategic and tactical. A compelling storyteller who can paint a picture of what the future will look like and motivate the team to execute on that vision transforming it into reality. You take a data driven approach to product design specifically around stickiness, engagement and consumption. You are an experienced leader with a proven track record of leading, mentoring and growing amazing UX/UI design teams.


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