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VP of Finance « Prodigy Network

VP of Finance

Department: Finance

Employment Type: Full-time

Reporting Structure: Reports to Executive Committee and CEO

Who we are

Prodigy Network is one of the world’s leading real estate crowdfunding platforms. Prodigy provides investors from around the world with the opportunity to invest in institutional quality real estate. Prodigy Network is a vertically integrated investment platform that finances, develops and manages directly or indirectly each of its properties. Prodigy Network also created The Assemblage; the first co-working, co-living and social event spaces crowdfunded by its members. Individuals from 27 countries provided over $150 Million of the total $400 Million needed for the construction of the initial three buildings in New York City.

For more information about Prodigy Network, please visit:

For more information about The Assemblage, please visit:

Job description

The VP of Finance is responsible for overseeing the finance and accounting department of both Prodigy Network and The Assemblage. Prodigy Network currently manages seven distinct funds that are structured through a leveraged blocker complex to enable tax efficient investment in real estate from international and domestic clients. The Assemblage will manage two properties consisting of approximately 100,000 SF of collaborative workspace and event space along with approximately 80 hotel units by year end 2017.

The VP of Finance will be responsible for building and overseeing an efficient finance and accounting team to support the growth of the company through improved financial processes and the implementation of internal controls. The VP of Finance will manage day-to-day accounting and payables functions, including financial reporting, treasury, risk management, internal controls, and tax compliance for Prodigy Network, its managed funds, and its managed properties. The position requires an in-depth understanding of real estate private equity, property accounting, general financial accounting policies, procedures and best practices, as well as a general understanding of accounting information systems.

Essential responsibilities

Knowledge, Education, Skills and Abilities