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Michael Spencer

Michael Spencer


In short, Allen delivers.

As CTO of ASMALLWORLD I engaged Allen to help recruit a team of Rails developers. Within weeks Allen filled all openings with amazingly qualified candidates.

Allen is one of those extremely rare recruiters who recognize and cater to the nuances of a client’s team dynamics, company culture and technical requirements. In my 20+ years of technology management, I have worked with many recruiters most of whom do little more than scan resumes for keywords and sift through resumes posted on job boards. Allen takes the time to understand all the clients’ and candidates’ hard and soft needs. He meets with his clients and his candidates to understand who they are and exactly what they are looking for. This upfront effort makes a world of difference and minimizes time wasted by clients and candidates on bad matches.

The bottom line is that if you need to find the right resources quickly, Allen is your man.